Video Marketing is Booming

According to HubSpot’s content trends research, 54 percent of consumers want video, which is more than they want any other form of content from brands.

Meanwhile, 68 percent of consumers say they’d prefer to watch a video to learn about a new product. Only 15 percent would prefer to read a piece of text.

Why, exactly, is video so popular with audiences?

  • Video is simple

It comes down to fatigue. Life is becoming more stressful. Meditation is a fast-growing trend and Marie Kondo has everyone decluttering their closets to declutter their minds!

People spend around 7 hours a day reading information on screens. They’re overwhelmed. This kind of overload makes it tough to make a decision about dinner, let alone choose a new web host or accounting software.

People skim a lot of information but when it comes to video, they pay close attention

  • Video is compelling

Video offers an easily digestible experience that communicates emotion and information faster than text or static images. Psychologists have found that video releases oxytocin and cortisol in our brains. These bonding chemicals open viewers up to empathy and connection, which can increase trust in the brands that made the videos.

And the sensory benefits go beyond the visual. For instance, ASMR videos are trending with viewers who experience “low-grade euphoria” while listening. Simple videos featuring a whispering voice or sparkly slime can actually decrease stress.

Video converts viewers to buyers

According to a study by Aberdeen Group, brands that use video marketing grow their revenue 49 percent faster than brands that don’t.

Simultaneously, 79% of people say a branded video convinced them to buy software or an app.

Whether you’re using video as organic content to build your brand’s reputation, or as part of your digital advertising spend, video increases engagement more than any other type of content.

The reason video is so effective at conversion is simple: versatility. With video, marketers can build a sequence of experiences that cover every stage of the sales funnel: top, middle and bottom. And then they can segment particular videos to different audiences using remarketing.

      The results are impressive, no matter your marketing goals: 81% of ProSoft’s clients say video has helped them generate leads.

Video marketing has highly measurable ROI

Half of the respondents in a ProSoft survey of MLM video in Latin America that they felt like their ROI on video was improving. Yet, simultaneously, a quarter of them didn’t know what their ROI was at all!

But more than any other content type, video collects valuable data. And with data you can measure both successes and mistakes to fine tune what’s working and what needs improvement. Businesses that use ProSoft’s advanced AI driven Automated Marketing software are at the front of the queue in terms of achieving high and consistent returns on their investment in video content.

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