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FeaturesThe featurers of meminz

Automated Marketing

Fully automated and customized sales funnels. Personalized Email, SMS and WhatsApp sequences. Chatbots, webinars, task manager, team center, reporting, back office, team messaging, built-in dialer and much more…

Lead Scoring

Proprietary algorithm assigns individual lead scores to prospects according to their interactions with multiple touch points

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Conditional Logic reacts to prospect responses and provide’s highly personalized and pre-scheduled messages

Training & Support

Full training provided plus comprehensive videos and training materials customized for each system. 24/7/365 online and ‘phone support

Prospect Nurturing

Prospects nurtured with rich content designed to build trust and credibility moving opportunities from cold market opportunities to war and hot leads

Lead Generation

Programmatic leads are derived from multiple paid media outlets including Facebook and Instagram. Audience targeting is based on six billion “Big Data” profiles worldwide. A built-in digital referral system generates earned leads from “warm market” and social media sources

Product knowlage

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How to get it

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Product license

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More than 1000 user use meminz

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1200 Downloader
625 Windows user
348 Android user
227 IOS user

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Free trial 30 days

  • 30 day trail
  • No support
  • No update
  • 1 user accses
  • 32 MB bandwidth
  • 1 user only
  • No security
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  • Unlimited use
  • Free support
  • Free update
  • Up to 10 user accses
  • 10 GB bandwidth
  • Up to 10 user only
  • security suite
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Best for corporate

  • Unlimited use
  • Free support
  • Free update
  • Up to 40 user accses
  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • Up to 100 user only
  • security suite
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